karya KAMI

assalamualaikum ~ well hello there world ! today i'm going to show you all our karya , i think really expensive karya if u sell it <== haha , perasan ! lempang sikit , ehh no , lempang banyak ! pang pang pang pang ! eitss , do you know who is our ? hehe , as usually , it's me and my tall cuzzy :) 

lets begin our gallery show

haha , see ? nice one right ? 
i know it was 
that girl in pink is my cuzzy -->ryrie ^^
the other one in blue is --> me ^oo^

cehh , "cute" , the theme is like prom night right ?
haha , i bet u look good on the dance floor girls , haha
the girl in orange --> cuzzy
the girl in red --> me 

there you go , our karya :) err , what is karya in english ? i didn't know , shame on me *oo*
adios farewell ~

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