always want to change

hello there world ~ i'm back 
humm . don't waste our time , so lets begin this topic . yahoo ~
you know what ? i'm not really a good girl , i mean , i'm not like the other girls that can cook , wake up early , do some house work . i'm not like that . there are no thing that make people proud of me !
how come ah ? am i too spoiled ? i think yes because i'm the only child in my family .

my mom don't like my attitude , what is my attitude ? are you sure you want to know it ? okay . my attitude is lazy for doing any house work , i don't even know how to cook , always wake up late , haha ! that's me but i know how to cook maggi ! hahahaha and water . shame on me ! that's why i need to change . like hyun ah song . girls girls girls [bahasa korea] change . haha . and maybe i'm going to start changing next year . hahaha ! i don't want this year . i still want to enjoy . blurpp xp

enough for today , i want to sleep early today and wake up early tomorrow , maybe lah ! haha 

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